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Re: GNOME Boasts Tabbed File Management

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> Tabbed file manager for GNOME - PCManFM 0.3.2, a fast, lightweight, yet
> featureful new choice.
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | Nautilus is currently one of the greatest file manager on GNOME which
> | is absolutely powerful. However, for people who have relatively limited
> | system resource, or those who want to keep their desktop simpler and
> | cleaner, is there any lightweight replacement? Besides, too many
> | opened folders often make our desktop crowded, is there any possibility
> | to get tabbed browsing interface in GNOME file managers? The anwser tot
> | hese questions is yes.
> `----
> http://gnomedesktop.org/node/2774
> http://pcmanfm.sourceforge.net/
> There are tabbed shells and browsers as well; even editors with splits and
> awareness of multiple workspaces. It's a shame that Windows users /still/
> cannot understand the associated productivity gains.

Keep in mind that MS-DOS users couldn't understand the productivity
gains of multitasking or having a screen partitioned into several
application windows - because Microsoft told them there were none.
When some people started to thing that maybe multitasking would make a
difference, because DRI was offering as well as SCO Unix, Microsoft
made a vaporware promise to provide Multitasking in MS-DOS 4.0.

When Microsoft finally did produce multitasking, Windows 3.0 used
busy-wait multihreading instead, and the system was plagued by race
conditions and deadlocks.  Even Windows 3.1 had a notorious habit of
going into General Protection Faults (race conditions) and Deadlocks
unless it were used one application at a time, each application in full

It took Microsoft almost 10 years to deliver the same core
functionality offered in BSD Unix with X11R4 Windows.  The Microsoft
eye-candy was better, but many of the features of X11R6 still do not
exist on Microsoft Windows XP.  Many of the critical security features
of AT&T SysVr4, BSD 4.3, and Linux 1.2 kernels are still not available
in Vista.

Lotus offered tabs in their UNIX versions of 1-2-3, as well as "live
update" cells that could be updated using real-time streams such as
ticker quotes feeds.  That was in 1990.  Microsoft still doesn't have

Lotus notes had tabs for e-mail, and team rooms for sharing
information, but was crippled by the fact  that you could only safely
run one instance at a time due to poor memory management on Windows.

Firefox offered that delightful hybrid of alloing the customer to
create additional windows, or additional tabs, allowing the customer to
decide when they wanted to "flip through tabs" and when they wanted to
see "side-by-side".

> Konqueror (KDE) has had tabs everywhere for quite a few years (including
> files, kpdf, image management etc).

X11R5 had virtual desktops.  Microsoft and Apple have been excluded by
Xerox who has demanded a substantial percentage of the profits from
Windows and Finder for the last 20 years, because Microsoft and Apple
never paid them for the PARC research.  Seems that folks in Rochester
thought that people in California and Seattle would be proper gentlemen
with a sense of ethics, integrity, and responsibility.  Instead they
turned out to be thieves and pirates, who claimed that everyone else
was pirates and thieves.

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