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Re: [News] Successfully Switching and Correctly Judging Linux Amidst Migration

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> How to Become a Successful Linux User
> ,----[ Headings ]
>> Know what you want to do
>> Give Linux a Practice Run
>> Choose a 'popular' Linux distribution
>> Consider paying for your Linux distribution
>> Get the latest version of your chosen distribution
>> Use an appropriate computer
> http://www.linux.org/news/opinion/success_user.html

"I don't think *Bill Gates* is ever going to have to worry about losing his 
Now I know why *Microsoft* is a monopoly.
If I can't get my [some piece of exotic hardware] working, I'll just go back 
to *Windows*.
Most of these mails seem so bitter that I assume the user has given up on 
Linux and has gone back to his/her relationship with *Microsoft Windows*, 
however dysfunctional that it may actually be. And that's a shame. Applying 
some simple rules of common sense with respect to Linux would have made a 
big difference. Based on what I've seen over the years, I'd like to offer 
the person who wants to try Linux a few words of advice."

"Many emails I've received start with some variant of: I've decided to stick 
it to *Bill Gates* and I've would like to try Linux ... Switching to Linux 
just to spite *Bill Gates* isn't going to have its intended effect. He's not 
going to notice the 0.000001 of a cent that he loses when you switch to 

Jeesus H Fuckin Christ, can none of these fuckwits write a single sentence 
without whining about MS/BG/Windows ?

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