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Re: Are Alexa and A9 Dying?

__/ [ Roy Schestowitz ] on Monday 02 October 2006 21:23 \__

> Just seen tehe following:
> Search Briefs: So Long to A9's Block Level Imagery, Yellow Pages, Toolbar
> and Amazon.com Discount; Yahoo to Open Yahoo Mail API
> Their toolbar is probably b0rked (I have noticed oddities for a few
> weeks/months), registration/signin has been dodgy for a while, thumbnails
> are no longer delivered (not even as a service to, e.g. BetterSearch in
> Firefox), and Alexa rank pages are gone, only to be replaced by some
> adverts. I don't know about the Amazon/Alexa toolbars, but they could be
> headed down the same path. I am only speculating this.
> FWIW, A9 dropped Google as its search engine and probably accepted $ome
> deal for Microsoft to use Live/MSN instead. That was only a few months ago.
> This was probably the end of it serving as a neat search engine with
> simultaneous image, Web, and video search. It certainty lost its quality
> results and uniqueness.
> I wonder if others have noticed something similar. I have disabled my
> toolbars for the time being as it looks grimmer than suggested. Well,
> there's always Netcraft.

Oh, more details now emerge.


A9 Search Embraces Live Features

Nails on the coffin....

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