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Re: Photo keywording

__/ [ Alfred Molon ] on Tuesday 03 October 2006 03:25 \__

> I'm currently in the process of keywording the images on my site. For
> each image there are about 20 keywords, some of them consisting of a
> term (more than one word). I started placing the list of keywords, each
> keyword separated by a comma, below each image in May. Was hoping that
> Google and the other search engines would pick up the keywords and that
> traffic would increase or that there would be more targeted hits.
> Until middle of September it looked as if I was achieving the opposite
> effect, so I removed the keywords list from each of the image pages and
> am using it now only for the site's internal search engine.
> Why didn't it work out? Was perhaps Google assuming that I was spamming?
> How else should I place the keywords on the image pages?


Did you use meta name="keywords"? If so, why not make use of captions? Or
something adjacent to the image which contains some keywords (without
excess). In general, the relevance of image is determined by works that have
proximity to the image, if not the alt attribute, which can be as
descriptive as you like (but not too long). Other factors are anchor text or
text that is adjacent to the hyperlink pointing at the image.

Hope it helps,


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