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[News] Microsoft is a Bad Monopoly. Is Adobe Too?

Good Monopoly vs. Bad Monopoly

,----[ Quote ]
| Many programs, including for example the wonderful OpenOffice, have built
| in the ability to write PDF documents. Thus, you can use OpenOffice to
| create a document, and you can then save it in its own open format, ori
| n Microsoft's .doc format, or in Adobe's PDF format. I've found this
| feature incredibly useful, as it has allowed me to create and edit
| documents on my Linux machine and then send them to others running Mac
| or Windows, safe in the knowledge that the document I produced would be
| the document they viewed, with the same format I created.
| [...]
| As the WaPo says, it seems an odd choice for Adobe. Repeat after me:
| Adobe monopoly good, Microsoft monopoly bad.


Some would beg to differ, classifying Adobe in the same way.

Flash for Linux: Adobe?s Disappointment

,----[ Quote ]
| Lately, I have found myself becoming more and more disenfranchised with
| the whole concept of flash media. I've been feeling that way ever since
| the original Macromedia days and continue to feel that way now with
| Adobe. Flash has been a royal pain for a number of Linux users,
| therefore, today, I'm going to present my case on Adobe's lack of interest
| in the Linux community, and in the end, you can be the judge of its
| validity. 
| [...]
| Can we seriously expect to see the latest release of flash within the
| coming weeks? Eh, perhaps. In the meantime, however, we are left withone 
| important question - is Adobe going to start taking Linux seriously? Not
| just out of some blind sense of obligation mind you, but in a truer
| sense to the point where Linux receives the same sort of attention that
| Windows and OS X gets with this company.
| Besides, would it kill them to bring us a Shockwave option while they're
| at it? OK, perhaps this is a little out of nowhere, but seriously Adobe,
| I think it's about time you focused your attention on Linux just a
| little bit. 


Going to some less supervised/moderated comments:


'Obviously, what would speed this up quite a bit would be open sourcing the
effort, instead of relying on one guy. What jerks you are, though: you
pervade the market with this hidden-source plugin, then fall out of sync
with the Linux community, and still expect to have friendly relationships
with the FOSS world? Why should anyone care about your stupid problems or
your lack of ideas about how to do something that hundreds of other projects
do (build packages that can install on various Linux distros)? Flash is a
cancer on the web -- on the world, for that matter. It is antithetical to
everything Linux is about. All Linux users should avoid Flash like the
plague, and support FOSS alternatives. Screw you and your lame, late,
talentless effort.

By the way, this isn't an "off topic" "request" for you to open source the
effort. This is an angry rant about the entire existence of your project.
You are a jerk for participating, and for expecting any goodwill from the
Linux community. I hope you get fired.'

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