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[News] Menus Innovation in Linux

KDE 4 menu development

,----[ Quote ]
| The main goals of Raptor are clear: to provide a high quality menu
| everyone will like. This includes an intelligent "My Favourite" section
| (intelligent means really intelligent and not the stuff available today),
| a skin supported menu (png or svg, colour, layout), fancy effects ("rain
| in the menu", whatever that means) and of course searching of all entries
| - at the moment implemented with strigi (which was mentioned pretty often
| at akademy - hope it gets even more boost!).


Also see:

Kickoff Start Menu Research - Sneak Preview (Flash animation)

,----[ Quote ]
| OpenSUSE 10.2 will have a redesigned KDE start menu created by the KDE
| and usability team at SUSE, after doing usability testing with other
| start menus. We now have a working prototype, code-named 'Kickoff'
| (started during world soccer championship, obviously), which is
| currently being tested with real users in the SUSE usability lab.


And this:


There's also the SLED menu (GNOME), which is available to all (not just SUSE
users). These menus are refined to improve usability while others just stick
with the same garbage from the last decade. In the case of Windows, it's
just a series of vendor names without categorisation at all.

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