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[News] DocBook Becomes OASIS Standard

Members Approve DocBook v4.5 as OASIS Standard

,----[ Quote ]
| OASIS has said that its members have approved DocBook version
| 4.5 as an OASIS Standard, a status that signifies the highest
| level of ratification. Widely adopted by technical writers 
| since its introduction in 1991, DocBook provides an XML
| markup vocabulary for authoring and exchange of prose
| content, especially technical documentation.



The Unicode Standard 5.0: An Appreciation

,----[ Quote ]
| ...But there are other standards that go largely unheralded, and
| are developed by consortia that are virtually never in the news,
| despite the vast social and technical significance of the standard
| in question.  Perhaps chief among them is the Unicode, created and
| constantly extended by the Unicode Consortium, whose loyal
| and widely distributed team of contributors for the most part
| labor quietly in the background of information technology.


This illustrates the importance of standards, which Open Source
(Linux included) heavility depends on, as well as encourages.

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