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[News] Investment in Open Source Seems Very Rational

Why would anyone invest in open source? Part two

,----[ Quote ]
| "The big advantage open source companies have over traditional
| software companies is the ability to rapidly take unit marketshare
| and create a new standard. The best example of this is MySQL.
| "Who would have thought five years ago there would have been
| another database to rival IBM DB2, Oracle, and MS SQL Server?
| By all estimates MySQL now has my more installations than IBM
| or Oracle; some estimates show that MySQL has more
| installations than SQL Server!
| "Open source allows a company to completely change the rules
| of the game. MySQL has over $40M in revenue the past 12
| months and is probably valued at over $1 Billion. This is
| an amazing company."


Also today (same site):

MySQL splits in two


Posted yesterday:

MySQL boosts its Community...with Enterprise

,----[ Quote ]
| MySQL today announced that it has become a truly
| community-driven company. This will sound funny to
| those of you that think MySQL announced its
| Enterprise product today. Yes, it did that. But the
| real news in MySQL's move is its efforts to continue
| to bolster its already vibrant community.


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