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[News] Why Microsoft's Open XML is Evil

Is Open XML a one way specification for most people?

,----[ Quote ]
| ...That means that other products and software, in
| practice, will NOT be able to understand arbitrary
| Open XML that might be thrown at them. There is just
| too much. Therefore they will only create a bit that
| they need and send that off. Send it off to whom? The
| only software that might understand it, namely
| Microsoft Office.
| So this is how I see this playing out: Open XML will
| be nearly fully read and written by Microsoft
| products, but only written in subset form by other
| software. This means that data in Open XML form
| will be largely sucked into the Microsoft ecosystem
| but very little will escape for full and practical
| use elsewhere. 


Open XML is all about retaining control. It's not
about openness, interoperability, and standardisation.
That's what OpenDocument, the ISO standard, is for. One
XML schema is more than enough, but Microsoft seeks to
regain lockins. Same with their 'ODF killer' and 'Flash

Also see:

Microsoft's PDF-killer heads towards standards body

,----[ Quote ]
| There's no doubt about it: Adobe's Portable Document
| Format---better known as PDF---is a choice tool for
| digital document delivery. Some might say that it's
| the tool for delivering complex documents to wide
| array of users, as its design allows for faithful
| rendering on any platform that supports PDF---application
| issues, font problems, layout quirks, etc., need need
| not apply.
| Enter Microsoft...


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