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[News] Amazon Adopts Open Source (and Linux) Strategy

(Amazon's Open Source Strategy)
LIVE BLOG: MIT Emerging Tech (Morning)

,----[ Quote ]
| In short, Amazon.com has launched several services
| that allow small companies to leverage the powerful
| tools of a big company such as Amazon.com. For instance,
| Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), creates a virtual
| Web-based Linux server that a small company can rent
| at 10 cents per CPU hour...  Bezos also described a
| fulfillment center service that the company offers,
| wherein a company can request both warehouse space
| and order fulfillment services for their own products.
| Amazon is literally offering distribution to their
| competitors!
| It is, in short, open source business strategy.


Also see:

Open Source Communications and SIP Come to Amazon.com

,----[ Quote ]
| If you have any doubt about the future of open
| source communications, consider it shattered:
| Amazon.com will soon be deploying 5,000 phones
| connected to the Pingtel ECS platform running on Linux. 
| The question is why would Amazon switch out their
| existing PBX, and the answer is that the leading
| e-commerce site already runs about 20,000 Red Hat
| Linux servers---so they are what you might call
| "comfortable" with Linux to begin with. This
| install will add three more Linux servers to the mix.


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