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[News] Booting a Wealth of Platforms -- Task Simplified

Boot Linux, BSD, and OS X from Vista

,----[ Quote ]
| "NeoSmart Technologies has just released EasyBCD 1.5, complete
| with support for Vista, Windows NT/2k/XP, and Windows 9x/ME.
| EasyBCD 1.5 adds experimental support for dual-booting any of
| these along with Linux, Mac OS X, or BSD -- straight from the Windows
| Vista bootloader without any additional configuration needed!"
| From the article:
| "Windows Vista's new bootmanager is a double-edged sword. It's one
| of the most powerful booting scripts in existence, and a far cry from
| the very limiting boot.ini of legacy Windows operating systems. But
| it overwrites the MBR without a second thought, and doesn't provide
| any means for users of alternate operating systems and boot managers
| to use their old system. That's where EasyBCD 1.5 comes in!" EasyBCD
| 1.5 is free.


./ cited because the site is down (bandwidth quote exceeded/suspended for
/.). I happen to know the developer and it's nice to have something to
mitigate the arrogance of Redmondians.

Vista scoots to new boot, but it's still kinda rooted

,----[ Quote ]
| While Microsoft would like the world to believe that anyone running Windows 
| has no need of any other operating system, that attitude doesn't cut much 
| mustard with many of its users.
| Why settle for one OS when your PC is easily capable of running two or 
| more?
| [...]
| One of the more questionable tactics that Microsoft has implemented in
| Vista is to automatically overwrite any existing MBR during the
| installation process without asking if you mind or giving you an option
| to back up.


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