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Re: 3D Linux Desktops to Improve Productivity?

  • Subject: Re: 3D Linux Desktops to Improve Productivity?
  • From: "Rex Ballard" <rex.ballard@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: 16 Oct 2006 15:43:34 -0700
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ed wrote:
> On Mon, 16 Oct 2006 21:50:57 +0100
> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > 3D desktop computing with Mandriva and SabayonLinux
> >
> > ,----[ Quote ]
> > | Overall though, I am one of the persons who enjoy the concept of a
> > | 3D desktop. There are voices in the Linux community saying that this
> > | is nothing but useless eye candy, but I happen to believe that a 3D
> > | accelerated desktop has a potential to increase one's productivity
> > | on our computers once the new habits become entrenched.
> > `----

The real question is "where would real-time 3D imaging improve the
quality, display, or control of information".  Certainly the simplest
example is the ability to rapidly display complex information.  One of
my favorite 3D displays was an application that could show stock
tickers as "towers" in which percent gains over different periods of
time was displayed in near-real time.  It was quite easy to display 500
stocks, and see which ones turned into "towers" (making them good
probable investments).  The display was updated and redisplayed about
once every 5 seconds, and when programmed with the right formula could
be a day-trader's dream.  Today we see similar displays in
not-so-real-time on Windows, and we see much more primitive "real-time"
displays available from many on-line brokerages.

None of those "canned" applications allow the end-user to derive his
own formula of how he wants to plot stocks using calculations that
might also include price as a function of PE, Beta, or cash flow.  The
problem with a "canned" application is that everyone is looking at
exactly the same information.  A "pump and dump" stock looks as good as
a stock with low PE and positive cash flow.  When using user defined
formulae, the user can choose criteria which may be contrarian, or may
take into account macro-economic factors such as weighting growth or
value differently based on economic growth or interest rates.

> > http://distrowatch.com/weekly.php?issue=20061016#blog
> >
> > Plenty more in this weekly newsletter.

> it's hard to believe that the 3d effects alone can help.. the other
> features of beryl might, i preferred the earlier UI post of yours today
> for improved usability.

The other half of this is control of information.  Vista and XGL have
the ability to tilt documents, making it possible to "hide" documents,
or at least make them smaller, so that you can look at other documents
(reminds me of TWM).  There's also the "Cube" interface to the virtual
desktop, which allows the user to select 4 virtual desktops and
"rotate" the cube's sides.  Of course, my question become, why not all
6 sides.

In a 2d world, you use one mouse, trackball, or joy-stick.  In a 3-D
world, you use two of them, You can use the roller for the Z access.

> --
> Regards, Ed                      :: http://s5h.net/u?l
> just another perl hacker

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