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Re: Erik: Scaredy-cat or FUDmeister?

On 2006-10-16, Erik Funkenbusch <erik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> posted something concerning:
> On Mon, 16 Oct 2006 00:40:54 GMT, Sinister Midget wrote:
>> Sure, I could be wrong and you others right. But with my thinking it
>> could be a matter of Erik just losing it. Nobody like Roy has had the
>> impact that he's having (Daeron/Doug was the closest approach I can
>> recall seeing). Perhaps we're seeing what a "normal" Erik is like when
>> he can't get his diversions in edgewise, when his FUD is overwhelmed by
>> posts that drown him into actual meaninglessness.
> Lol, typical denial mentality.  My methods will become clear soon enough.

I quote what was snipped:

   1. The "real" Erik hasn't voiced any concern about being faked. He's
   had ample opportunity to do so. If he did it _now_, though, it could
   simply be an attempt to divert attention away from his real self
   doing it.

   2. The "real" Erik (meaning, one who is certainly identifiable by
   the characteristics that you and others have mentioned) followed up
   to a couple of those posts after responses to him were made.

   3. I'm not altogether sure Rhonda or DuFS are smart enough to fake
   Erik, even poorly. Flatfart either (Flatso has s/h/it's own
   signature style that s/h/it can't seem to overcome when s/h/it usues
   one of s/h/it's usual puppets). There's been a person or two that
   could pull it off, but, again, Ewik hasn't made a peep.

I rest my case. Erik is overwhelmed and understaffed, probably trying
to catch his breath without appearing to do so.

And, as all can see, he hasn't given up (he implicitly claims) on
continuing to divert and spread FUD.

>> No matter what the case, though, the outcome is something other than an
>> Erik, DuFS, Hardon, Tinkerbell or Flathead would like to see happen.
> Want to bet on that?  ;)

I'm waiting with anticipation.

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