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Re: CEO Speaks Linux

ed wrote:
> On Sat, 14 Oct 2006 11:35:53 +0100
> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > CEO Vision of Linux
> >
> > ,----[ Quote ]
> > | Mainframes yielded to client/server, which in turn was replaced by
> > the Web | as the dominant computing paradigm. I believe Linux and Open
> > Source more | broadly represent a similar game-changing force.
> > `----
> >
> > http://opensource.sys-con.com/read/284235_p.htm
> linux provides both mainframe and web ootb. this is greatly different to
> windows, which ootb does not offer anything mainframe like, every single
> service seems to be capped to an impossible level. terminal services on
> xp offers a single concurrent user. one has to get a more expensive
> version in order to offer that. etc etc.

Linux offers the scalability from PDA to Mainframe, the reliability of
mainframes, and the convenience and flexibility of Windows, in a
package that remainst consistent from Laptop to Z-900.

Micrososoft - where do you want to go today.

Linux - where do you want to go tomorrow - we'll get you there today.

> by filling the gap between mainframe and desktop by a single platform
> those who are clued can take advantage. and it's not just linux, bsd
> offers this also.

An important point.  The OEMs who sell Windows are really getting upset
about the fact that Mac can sell UNIX AND WINDOWS on the same box,
running at the same time, while they are stuck with a WINDOWS ONLY

Furthermore, the Mac gives the reliability, performance, security,
stability, and support of UNIX as the primary operating system, while
shielding Windows from the nasty stuff.  Meanwhile DELL, HP, Lennovo,
SONY, Gateway, and Toshiba have to leave the Windows system directly
exposed to the raw world of the hackers, viruses, worms, spyware,
malware, and bots that attack Windows computers an average of once
every 15 seconds (because so many other computers were successfully

And now Microsoft wants to "Tighten the grip" around those sensitive
parts :D

They want to use ring zero control to limit the ability to install
software, drivers, and more importantly (to Microsoft) to make sure
that end users can't install Linux as the primary OS and install
Windows as a Xen or VMWare client.

They want to keep collecting that $150/user/month for 3 year revenue
from corporate customers (that's $5 million per 1000 employees charged
to the IT budget).   They want to keep collecting that $30-$50 per
machine revenue from OEMs, and they want to make sure that Linux or
UNIX is NEVER Preinstalled by the OEM.

> --
> Regards, Ed                      :: http://www.ednevitable.co.uk
> proud c++ hacker
> Chuck Norris onced visited Canada to find a wife. As a result, every
> man women and child born in Canada now has a beard.

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