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Re: [News] Even Young Children Find Linux Easy to Use

Roy Schestowitz wrote: 

> Mandriva One Not the Linux Dinosaur of Old
> ,----[ Overview ]
>| I found early versions of Linux weren't very
>| user-friendly, so this time around, I used my 7-year-old
>| son as my test subject. I gave him a little lesson on how
>| to use Mandriva One and off he went. On his own, he was
>| able to boot up the machine and get himself online to his
>| favorite kid Web sites without any problems at all --
>| meaning today's Linux has a short learning curve.
> `----
> http://www.technewsworld.com/story/53627.html
> I guess this makes some of our resident Wintrolls nothing
> but toddlers. 

In reinstalling Windows 9x, 2000, XP, etc., friends and 
friends of friends have asked me to assist them with this, 
after their attempts failed.

It is not as straight forward as others would have you to 
believe.  Where the hang-up is, is in installing drivers for 
video cards, sound cards, scanners, modems, printers, DVD 
software, antivirus and personal firewall, applications, 
additional patches to original Win distro to get their systems 

Sure, Windows comes preinstalled out of the box on most 
systems, but it is the reinstallation of the software where 
most get hosed up.

Oh, additionally in one case, a cable company provider gave 
out misinformation to one who had Windows 98, but not the 
Special Edition version.  They told her she would have to 
upgrade to SE, in order to connect.

I took a look at her system and cable box, had her up and 
running in about 30 minutes.  It required manually configuring 
network settings, browser, E-mail, newsreader, etc. for her 
Window 98 pre-SE edition.  She was amased that their 
installation CD was not needed.


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