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Re: [News] A Dozen Open Source Collaboration/Mail Servers

Erik Funkenbusch <erik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> On Fri, 13 Oct 2006 08:33:30 +0100, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> What Open Source Alternatives are There To Microsoft Exchange that can run on
>> Windows?
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>| Linux Open Source
>>| Unfortunately a lot of clients run Windows, so they miss out on
>>| these products...
>>|     * Scalix Server
>>|     * Opengroupware.org - Installation on Windows?
>>|     * Zimbra
>>|     * eGroupWare
>>|     * Hula
>> `----
>> http://www.terinea.co.uk/blogs/terineatechtips/2006/10/12/what-open-source-alternatives-are-there-to-microsoft-exchange-that-can-run-on-windows/
>> These have been proven to have good market penetration.
> Amazing

Yes. What is Roy advocating here? Software to run on Windows now?

Kier, quick. Come and tell me that its ok, Roy is still on topic and
that he isn't a raving lunatix.

ps, Exchange came out on top ......

| For IT admins set in their Windows ways, Exchange remains an attractive
| option, except for its price tag. Redmond continues to add features that
| outstrip those offered by its Penguin rivals, although many are aimed at
| the enterprise rather than the more narrowly focused midsize business.

"We all know Linux is great...it does infinite loops in 5 seconds."
(Linus Torvalds about the superiority of Linux on the Amsterdam
Linux Symposium)

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