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Re: Trend Security

On 2006-10-12, Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> posted something concerning:
> __/ [ BearItAll ] on Thursday 12 October 2006 11:42 \__
>> Just a pat on the back for Trend Micro.
>> I just added a Netgear wireless access point to my system. The nice part
>> was that in the box was a little booklet from Trend Micro explaining how
>> home users ahould set up their security, with a piece of software in the
>> box to help them do it.
>> Two things are nice here, Trend for bundling this with the device and
>> Netgear for being willing to make use of seperate security company to
>> educate and advise their users.
>> Working together, it's the best way to reach the best solutions.
> Trend Micro, I suspect, are the only ones in their market who praised Open
> Source [1]. They also help the Internet be better protected from Windows
> zombies [2]. Symantec's SEO advocated Macs (could maybe extend that to Linux
> since security was the key argument) [3]. McAfee, on the other hand, gave
> Gates a pat on the shoulder when they unfoundedly attacked Open Source,
> citing it as the root of all evil [1,5]. Unlike Symantec, they didn't
> foresee Microsoft 'pulling a Netscape'. See [4] for more motives.

The work network was hit with a trojan a couple of years back. They
blocked every machine from access to the network until they could be
scanned, patched and cleaned. They sent guys around from place to place
to do the work. To save themselves some time and labor, they gave CDs
to people they knew could do the work for them and told them what to do
(like it was hard). They left one with me.

The CD had some Symantec stuff on it, plus patches for XP and 2K. The
Symantec stuff was the scanner that was supposed to find and clean up
or quarantine any little buggers it found. I patched every machine and
ran the scanner on them. The Symantec scanner/cleaner found nothing.

After doing these things, 2 machines ran incredibly slow. All of the
machines had a Trend Micro scanner already on them that were over a
year old. They'd been placed on the machines by the network geniuses
and forgotten. Anyway I reran the Symantec thingy on the 2 errant
machines and still found nothing.

Just for shits I ran the Trend Micro scanner on one machine. It found
something like 125+ instances of infection on one machine and cleaned
things up. I ran the scanner on the other problem machine and it found
nearly 300 (290+) trojans. Both machines were checked /after/ patching
and /after/ running the Symantec scanner twice on each.

So I went and ran the Trend Micro scanner on the other machines. It
found infections on 2 more machines, both with less than 10 problems.

I told this news to the brilliant MS-certified monkeys. They had fits!
"What's this Trend Micro thing doing on those machines?" they asked. I
told them it was some stuff they put on there more than a year prior.
They claimed it couldn't have been them because they didn't use
anything like that. I informed them that /I/ set the machines up
originally when they were new, and it wasn't on the machines until
_after_ they came out and played with each of them. "Anyway," I said,
"Maybe you ought to take a look at this 'Trend Micro' thing instead of
playing around with the toy Symantec crap. TM found nearly 450 trojans
that Symantec didn't notice across 4 different machines."

We still have Trend Micro on all but 3 machines. (They were restored
after the uber-stable Windows failed to work properly due to the cruft
buildup that never happenes and doesn't even exist.) It's still finding
problems and giving notifications when users login. Maybe it updates in
the background. I don't know because I can't get into the settings due
to permissions set by the network administrators (aka "retards"). I
just know it's still working.

Bill Gates: "As long as they [China] are going to steal it, we want
them to steal ours. They'll get sort of addicted, and then we'll
somehow figure out how to collect sometime in the next decade."

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