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Re: Trend Security

__/ [ BearItAll ] on Thursday 12 October 2006 11:42 \__

> Just a pat on the back for Trend Micro.
> I just added a Netgear wireless access point to my system. The nice part
> was that in the box was a little booklet from Trend Micro explaining how
> home users ahould set up their security, with a piece of software in the
> box to help them do it.
> Two things are nice here, Trend for bundling this with the device and
> Netgear for being willing to make use of seperate security company to
> educate and advise their users.
> Working together, it's the best way to reach the best solutions.

Trend Micro, I suspect, are the only ones in their market who praised Open
Source [1]. They also help the Internet be better protected from Windows
zombies [2]. Symantec's SEO advocated Macs (could maybe extend that to Linux
since security was the key argument) [3]. McAfee, on the other hand, gave
Gates a pat on the shoulder when they unfoundedly attacked Open Source,
citing it as the root of all evil [1,5]. Unlike Symantec, they didn't
foresee Microsoft 'pulling a Netscape'. See [4] for more motives.

[1] Virus busters clash over open source security 

,----[ Quote ]
| While McAfee reckons open source's very openness makes it easy to
| fiddle with, rival Trend Micro reckons it's the openness that makes
| dodgy code easy to spot.
| In fact, Trend Micro reckons open source operating systems are more
| secure than commercial rivals. "You could run Linux as an all-around
| operating system or Open BSD for critical servers. By using multiple
| Linux distributions, risks are mitigated", says to Raimund Genes,
| CTO of Trend Micro. 


[2] Trend Micro launches anti-botnet service

,----[ Quote ]
| Trend Micro announced a new service to help
| large organizations and Internet service providers
| (ISPs) fight networks of zombie machines, known as
| "botnets."


[3] Symantec CEO advocates fair play and Macs

,----[ Quote ]
| CORONADO, Calif.--It doesn't appear that Symantec CEO John Thompson's
| next computer will run Windows...
| Symantec CEO John Thompson: 'The "target-rich" environment created by
| Windows vulnerabilities means that virus writers and hackers have set
| their sights on Windows PCs'



,----[ Quote ]
| Anti-virus vendor McAfee admits it is falling behind because virus writers
| use open source methods.
| [...]
| This should be an opportunity for anti-malware forces, but they are
| instead locked into a proprietary mindset, one exemplified by McAfee
| itself.



FUD by Association

,----[ Quote ]
| First, there was plain, old FUD - classic Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. Then
| we had stealth FUD. Now we have FUD by association. In what can be best
| described as a drive-by FUD-ing, Dave Marcus, the security research manager
| for anti-virus company McAfee claims that malware developers have embraced
| the open source development model. Of course, the subliminal message that
| McAfee wants you to get is that internet criminals and Linux kernel
| developers share the same DNA.


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