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[News] PalmSource Becomes Access, Concentrates on Linux Devices

PalmSource Now Called Access

,----[ Quote ]
| Access will now fully absorb PalmSource, as it continues to sell the Palm
| OS for mobile handsets against competition like Microsoft's Windows
| Mobile and Symbian's OS.


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Treo going Linux?

,----[ Quote ]
| Not in the near future, but hopefully soon. As this CNET article
| indicates, PalmSource (Access) is working hard to bring Linux to the
| Palm platform. I'm not sure what has taken it so long - it's been a
| year-and-a-half since PalmSource acquired China MobileSoft as an inroad
| to Linux.


Access frees database filesystem for Linux devices

,----[ Quote ]
| Access/PalmSource has released an SQL-based filesystem for embedded
| devices under the LGPL (Lesser General Public License). Libsqlfs
| implements a POSIX-style hierarchical filesystem as an SQLite database
| file, and was originally developed to provide a registry of system and
| application configuration data for mobile phones, according to
| Access. 


ACCESS Linux Platform Named an Orange Approved Platform; Orange Application
Package for ALP Announced

,----[ Quote ]
| ACCESS CO., LTD today announced that Orange has named the Access
| Linux Platform (ALP) as an Orange approved platform across its network.
| In addition, the two companies are working together to develop the
| Orange Application Package for ACCESS Linux Platform-based mobilep
| hones.


PalmSource Releases Newly Created Software Library to the Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| "PalmSource built a tremendously strong community around Palm OS®,"
| commented Bill Weinberg, Senior Analyst, Open Source Development Lab
| (OSDL). "Today, their creation of the Linux-based ALP platform and opening
| up libsqlfs (and other projects) demonstrates their capability to
| build communities around embedded software, and their commitment tof
| ree open source software."


ACCESS and PalmSource Announce the ACCESS Developer Network

,----[ Quote ]
| New Online Resource to Provide Mobile Developers With Technical and
| Business Services to Create and Market Mobile Linux Applications for
| ALP-Based Devices


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