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Re: Is the O/S (and Native Applications) Front Being Abandoned?

"Rex Ballard" <rex.ballard@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Ballmer: "The most important thing is the Live platform"
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | With Windows Vista and Office 2007 nearing completion, one would be
>> | inclined to believe that those two products are currently the most
>> | important topics at Microsoft right now. But according to Steve 
>> Ballmer,
>> | that's not the case. If the focus isn't on Vista or Office, then where 
>> is
>> | it?
>> `----
>> http://arstechnica.com/journals/microsoft.ars/2006/10/11/5591
> I found this quote interesting:
> In August, there were 40 known Windows Live services, and the number
> has kept growing. "We're in a transition to software that is live. It
> will be click to run, like a Web site," said the Microsoft CEO.
> Let's see now, go to an online service, click, and an application pops
> up ready to run.  And you'll have 40 such applications.
> This sounds a great deal like Linspire's marketing strategy. Or Cygwin,
> or even Linux.
> All of these options can give you up to a few THOUSAND applications
> that are "click and run" to install.
> Unfortunately, it also sounds a whole lot like ActiveX controls.  Click
> the link, and in seconds your computer has downloaded an executable
> program, with all rights and accesses, and then executes.  Nice of it's
> something like Adobe Acrobat, or Flash.  Not so good if it's sky,
> melissa, nimda, bagel, on one of the other 250,000 "script kiddie
> specials" that runs amok in your computer, trying to help itself to
> your most private and confidential information.  And of course, sending
> lots of e-mails to all of your friends, families, and business
> associates - who might end up putting the automated spam blocker on
> you.

    It depends. I don't know what these "40 applications" are, but they 
might be AJAX applications like Hotmail, Google Maps, Flickr, Writely, etc.

    Alternatively, it might be like Java Web Start 
(http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/java/library/j-webstart/) where you 
can customize on a per-application basis what rights it has (e.g. rights to 
connect to another server on the internet, rights to access the specific 
files on harddrive, rights only to a temporary or cookies folder, rights to 
connect to the microphone device, rights to connect to the webcam device, 
rights to connect to the printer, etc.)

    Or it might be like ActiveX, which will be a pain, as you indicate. =(

    - Oliver 

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