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Re: google dance

__/ [ Ignoramus534 ] on Thursday 12 October 2006 14:09 \__

> On Tue, 10 Oct 2006 21:17:27 +0000 (UTC), Ignoramus27556
> <ignoramus27556@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Strange things have been happening.
>> My website had been #2 in google using search term "algebra", for a
>> long time.
>> Then a month or so ago it became #1.
>> Then, a week ago it became #6, which upset me a great deal.
>> Now it is back to being #2.
>> What gives? The field of algebra websites has been quite sleepy...
>> i
> Another possibility is this phentermine story.
> Due to actions of a spammer, links were added to my forums that
> pointed to spammy phentermine sites.
> The drop in google rating coincided with appearance of algebra.com as
> #29 in search for phentermine.
> I worked hard to write scripts to expunge phentermine ads and other
> spams from my forums, and, coincidentally, my ranking came back.
> Whether it was a random coincidence, or witness of google "spam
> penalty" of sorts, remains to be seen.

That is an interesting possibility which reminds me of the reason why I had
to erase SPAM comments in a rush (a cyclic routine isn't enough as not only
leakage is involved, but also defacing and penalties). At some stage I was
heavily hit in phpBB, until I altogether closed registration. With hundreds
of links to potentially-blacklisted sites, crawlers can only be frustrated
and frown upon your domain. This seems to align with the experience of a
gambling-related site whose Webmatser recently attested to in a.i.s.e.

Returning to my own experience, none of the links were rel="nofollow"ed. That
said, during that period of a couple of months (the spammers clearly had
that scripted) I didn't notice any gains/loses in terms of ranking (referral
volume). I guess it may as well depend on how deep inside your site these
links are included. In any event:

        /Spammers should be shot./

Best wishes,


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