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Re: [News] WGA Failure in Video

__/ [ ed ] on Thursday 12 October 2006 13:46 \__

> On Thu, 12 Oct 2006 12:45:56 +0100
> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Windows XP Login Loop of Death
>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bK3iQrAmK1A
>> Just imagine seeing this when you have some urgent work and a
>> deadline. Better keep a Live CD or a second (Linux) partition for
>> precisely that reason.
> Was that a toll-free number he dialed? Once upon a time MS support was
> freephone, now they bring out things where they know you have to call
> them and that number diappears... with all their millions in the banks
> and investments one would have thought they could allow the very problem
> they created to be reported for free... and it's still called 'customer
> care'.

A company's quality of service stretches as far as it can afford to neglect
without losing the client. That's where competition plays a role.

By the way, Google has adopted similar habits, but the nature of that beast
is different because people enquire about their Web sites (fuzzy secret
algorithms) rather than software bugs in the 'binary blobs'. This treatment
of the customers is costing Google some users, but we have yet to see a
suitable alternative to Google's highly-relevant results (other than
scrapers like Scroogle).

Best wishes,


Me too.
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