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Re: How did Roy miss this bit of [News]?

  • Subject: Re: How did Roy miss this bit of [News]?
  • From: yttrx@xxxxxxxxx (yttrx)
  • Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2006 11:53:10 GMT
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • References: <eksvoyp8jpjd.dlg@funkenbusch.com> <48C0h.16718$GR.8678@newssvr29.news.prodigy.net> <87hcxo7mr0.fsf@geemail.com>
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Hadron Quark <qadronhuark@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> wjbell <wjbell@xxxxxxxx> writes:
>> Erik Funkenbusch wrote:
>>> Ubuntu Edgy Upgrades a Disaster for many
>>> "Take a look around the Ubuntu Forums lately and you?ll see many
>>> installation and various related threads just cropping up with problems.
>>> Not just noob problems, but people that are pretty knowledgable about
>>> linux, about how to fix things when they break, and they?re left clueless
>>> with Edgy. I am one of them. I?ve been a long time Ubuntu fan, and to some
>>> regards I still am but I surely don?t see them as Linux?s saving grace any
>>> longer. I can?t tell everyone?s story, but I can tell my own. And i hope
>>> the devs at Ubuntu are listening."
>>> http://element14.wordpress.com/2006/10/27/ubuntu-edgy-upgrades-a-disaster-for-many/
>> I did an upgrade from dapper to edgy and lost my x server.  It booted up
>> to a blank screen with no errors, no warning messages, nothing.  I  did
>> the [ALT]+Fn thing and switched to a different console and logged in as
>> root.  Then had to manually remove the x server with apt and reinstall it.
>> Then I had Frostwire installed and it no longer works, all my icons in
>> the launch bar at the top pointed to nothing and all had unknown icons.
>>  Also if I drag a working icon in the launch bar any more than one time,
>> all it's properties disapear and it no longer points to anything.
>> /Now/ I pretty much have everything ironed out.  Except for the icon
>> thing... and frostwire that I just dumped.  Other than that stuff it's
>> working fine.  But if I was a new user I'd be running for a XP CD right
>> about now.
>> Bad move for Ubuntu just when it's getting popular. (or more popular)
> I had bad issues.
> Of course, my NVidia driver wouldnt work - (have to manually recompile
> with each new kernel) - and it just wouldnt install properly even then!
> There were more error messages and 10 digit numbers thrown at me than
> you could shake a stick at.
> I still have issues where my HOME & VAR partitions dont mount on reboot
> every now & again.
> But of course I bet it "works for me" for the COLA gang.

Works for me.

But, I RTFM and I don't use the NVIDIA drivers off the NVIDIA site.  I 
use the NVIDIA drivers from the restricted repository, just like it says
to do in TFM.

Ubuntu surely has its problems, but what you and wjbell have mentioned
should not be counted among them, as they're n00blems, not real issues.

And really, if you have so much trouble understanding Ubuntu, hadrin,
why don't you just use something else?  

Oh right, because you exist to bitch.



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