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Re: How did Roy miss this bit of [News]?

  • Subject: Re: How did Roy miss this bit of [News]?
  • From: "Larry Qualig" <lqualig@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: 28 Oct 2006 06:03:17 -0700
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Erik Funkenbusch wrote:

> How did Roy miss this bit of [News]?

He didn't miss this bit of news at all. I'm absolutely certain that he
saw it and if had been some MS related product he would have reported
it along with a few dozen links to "this reminds me of..."

> Ubuntu Edgy Upgrades a Disaster for many

He's not intersted in advocacy (ie - Helping others.) If he were he
would have posted this story so that any Linux user could have been
informed about potential problems and have been prepared to deal with

Unfortunately 'advocates' (and I use this term lightly) like Roy could
care less about actually helping out other Linux users and warning them
about a portential problem. They are more interested in posting
non-relevant stories like "Jim Allchin: "Windows Vista Has Been Done
Two and a Quarter Years" which is certainly less useful to a Linux user
than upgrade issues with Ubuntu.

It's sad what passes for "advocacy" these days.

> "Take a look around the Ubuntu Forums lately and you¢ll see many
> installation and various related threads just cropping up with problems.
> Not just noob problems, but people that are pretty knowledgable about
> linux, about how to fix things when they break, and they¢re left clueless
> with Edgy. I am one of them. I¢ve been a long time Ubuntu fan, and to some
> regards I still am but I surely don¢t see them as Linux¢s saving grace any
> longer. I can¢t tell everyone¢s story, but I can tell my own. And i hope
> the devs at Ubuntu are listening."
> http://element14.wordpress.com/2006/10/27/ubuntu-edgy-upgrades-a-disaster-for-many/

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