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[News] Software Patent Madness Goes Deeper

In summary, Microsoft runs overseas to avade patent lawsuits, but at the same
time it aggressively uses software patents as a weapon.

Microsoft Grabs Korea Patents

,----[ Quote ]
| Redmond accused of stifling Korean developers; Acer changes
| M&A policy; Sony power adapter overheats; Fuji chair
| offers 559 kinds of massage.


Supreme Court To Review Microsoft Patent Case

,----[ Quote ]
| Is Microsoft Liable?
| Microsoft argued that it had sent one master copy of Windows
| overseas on a so-called golden disk to be copied onto PCs
| sold outside the U.S. Microsoft shouldn't be liable for
| patent infringement for the hundreds of thousands of
| copies of Windows made from that master disk, its lawyers argued.


Also yesterday:

WHO to hold public hearings on public health,
innovation and intellectual property


Attempt to patent form-filling program rejected

,----[ Quote ]
| "It would have been a disaster if Macrossan was said to 
| be patentable, because every business method under the
| sun would have been patentable," said Rufus Pollock,
| director of the Foundation for a Free Information
| Infrastructure (FFII), a not-for-profit organisation
| dedicated to the development of information goods
| for public benefit.
| The Convention's rules do allow patents to be granted
| for hardware which has been programmed -- but that
| condition only exists in select circumstances.
| Earlier this year, Appeal Court judge Sir Robin Jacob
| criticised the US for allowing software to be patented.


Drop Patent, Educause Urges Blackboard

,----[ Quote ]
| We are sure you are aware of the many blog postings discussing the
| law suit. Web sites have been established to gather evidence of
| prior art to refute the patent claims. The expressions we hear
| range from the vilification of Blackboard, to stories about the
| cold reception Blackboard is receiving at presentations, to the
| embarrassment of your employees who are asked to explain
| this corporate action.


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