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Re: [News] Palm OS to Get Open Source Web Browser

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BearItAll <spam@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> http://www.pdalive.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=12286
>> Opera is probably among the best in this area, but it's proprietary.
> Opera browser for PDAs is very good. The MS Windows browser for PDA has
> alsorts of problems that make it very tricky to use for all except basic
> browsing. It makes no attempt at all to render the page for the PDA screen.
> Sites that require more than one window to work, such as a chat or
> messaging site, don't tend to work on the MS win pda browser at all. 
> Wasn't the whole point of using html and pages being rendered at the client
> end meant to be so that the client could control the output for the device
> capabilities? Whether that is a printer or any size screen, it would be
> possible to organise the parts of the page to best suit the display or
> viewer.

It was the whole point of html that it could be rendered on anything.
This is why the community got frustrated with Netscape when they started
inventing non-standard tags, then later, Microsoft, when they started
inventing a completely non-standard web.  

To my mind, everthing ever written should be at least checked on lynx to
to see what it looks like.  It's amazing how a good site, even a mainly
graphical one, can be quite usable in lynx, and yet a similar but poor
site can be completely unusable.  The BBC's website is an interesting
case in point, in that it has a high-graphics & low-graphics option.  

> Opera is very different. First it renders the page for the device and the
> screen you have. So what ever page you go to it is much more comfortable to
> read because there isn't all that nonsence of scrolling left and right up
> and down to try to follow some text or menu. Then, you get Opera's tabbed
> browsing, so flipping between multiple pages is very easy. Then because
> pages will not secretly die in the background, as in the MS one, i.e. a log
> in site that requires you to keep a window open to maintain the login, you
> can log in and use most multi-page web sites. Only one java based site I
> use often doesn't quite work in some areas, in all others functionally I
> can do everything I can do on my desktop. Then add to the praise of Opera
> because they have also kept some of the session capabilities of their
> browser. I find that for the PDA I am even more likely to be on the same
> few sites each time, so Opera opens them all up for me.

My Nokia 770 has Opera on it, and I tend to agree, it works well in this
environment.  My Psion 5mx (long since fallen into disuse) had opera on
it, but getting a reasonable ip connection via the infra red or serial
port wasn't that easy.  My Nokia 6630 phone has opera on it, although
you can't do a huge amount with it, as the phone interface isn't
brilliant, and the display isn't all that good either.   It probably
needs re-flashing, but as I don't use it that much, it's not a problem.
The N770 browser is excellent, although if you look on the maemo site,
there's at least one other browser been ported to the 770.  Along with a
stack of other things.

| Mark Kent   --   mark at ellandroad dot demon dot co dot uk  |
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