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[News] Red Hat Responds (to Oracle)

Red Hat responds.

,----[ Quote ]
| The opportunity for Linux just got bigger. Oracle's support for
| Linux reaffirms Red Hat's technical industry leadership and the
| end of proprietary Unix. It's no accident that Red Hat was chosen
| #1 in value two years running.


Mind the address. There's also Inevitable, not just Unbreakable.


It's no longer in the index (no wonder!), but here it is.

http://youtube.com/watch?v=zYLk7_mk3mc ( Red Hat's Inevitable Video )

More articles:

Red Hat Exec: Oracle Linux Move 'Positive for Us'

,----[ Quote ]
| Red Hat executives are putting on a brave face and looking atO
| racle's Unbreakable Linux announcement as a positive for them,
| saying it is an acknowledgement that the future of software is
| open source and that its Enterprise Linux software is the
| gold standard.


Why Oracle Linux is a Good Thing

,----[ Quote ]
| Some large companies offer Linux distributions and absorb
| the indemnification. It's no wonder then that superior
| distributions like Ubuntu aren't yet on the enterprise
| shopping list: there is little or no viable indemnification
| offered. Red Hat is a big fish among open-source vendors but
| not large enough to convince many large enterprises to take
| the plunge. Novell seems well-positioned to do well with SuSE
| since they offer indemnification directly or through their
| partners like Dell, better technology than Red Hat, and better
| support. IBM has made a good play in this arena even thought
| heir Linux offerings are rather unimaginative and hardly
| state of the art; IBM offers the magic word to their
| customers: INDEMNIFICATION. This has opened many doors
| for them that remained shut to other vendors.


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