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Re: Oracle Discusses FUD, Spreads FUD, Will Fail to Squash Red Hat

Larry Qualig wrote:
Roy Schestowitz wrote:
Oracle's Offering and Red Hat's Response

,----[ Quote ]
| [SNIP]
|  Making Linux more successful in the enterprise is the right goal. But
| not if you kill off what makes Linux desirable, namely ethics. It's the
| value add of FOSS, and if the corporate guys don't figure that out soon,
| they really will kill the Golden Goose. Let me explain in one sentence
| why:
|     Cut throat competition destroys software.
| The Open Source process is built on the the same principles that work
| in any scientific environment. You share knowledge. You cooperate.
| Business always wants to balkanize. They very nearly killed Unix
| doing exactly that. And here they go with Linux, trying the same
| stupid thing.


Let me explain in two words: Innocence Lost

Fact is that Linux is becoming a business... a pretty big business. And
this means that companies, large companies, are going to start moving
into what was once a nice idealogical movement. Sure, the initial goal
and ideals were to spread knowledge, enable people, cooperate with
others and all sorts of "hippy stuff" (meant in a nice way).

But that's not companies operate. Not yesterday, not today and not
ever. Companies like Novell, IBM, Sun, Oracle and even Redhat aren't
about cooperating with people and spreading peace and love. There are
BILLIONS of dollars on the line and the stakes are high.

I sure hope that anyone out there doesn't think that because IBM
supports Linux they are doing it for the greater good of mankind and
are doing it to share love, knowledge and cooperation with others. They
(IBM) and all other businesses who have entered the Linux space are
doing so because it's part of their business strategy. The strategy
that enables them to increase revenue and profits in the future.

That's just the way it is.

I agree with everything you've said, however I'm not sure that this is a bad thing for the, to use your words, "hippy stuff" linux movement.

the GPL license makes sure that most of the changes that these businesses make to Linux will filter back down to the community distros, and of course any changes the community distros make will filter down to the business ones. Hmm, looks like it's all downhill from here :-)

Anyway, those of us with "hippy" reasons for using Linux will congregate around the community distros while big companies flock to the "business distros".

Having big business involved should also encourage hardware vendors to cooperate by either releasing drivers or specifications for their hardware. So we should gain something there as well.

All in all, I'm having trouble seeing a downside in all this. Big business gets a new frontier to make profits in and the rest of us get an improved operating system to use. Everyone wins.

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