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[News] Oracle Discusses FUD, Spreads FUD, Will Fail to Squash Red Hat

Oracle's Offering and Red Hat's Response

,----[ Quote ]
| You may wish to view Larry Ellison's keynote for yourself, in which he
| cited the SCO Group's litigation, believe it or not, claiming it is
| holding back Linux adoption in the enterprise... The vendors aren't
| offering indemnification, Ellison said, and because of SCO, there's
| all this uncertainty and doubt about intellectual property. He says he
| will offer indemnification. In the Q&A at the end, he was asked if
| Oracle was planning to buy SCO to bring that uncertainty to an end.
| No, was the answer.
| If he thought they were going to be victorious, he'd buy them in a
| New York minute. No uncertainty or doubt about that. So who is he
| kidding?
| Red Hat already has their response on their website, with a big sign
| on their homepage that reads: "Unfakeable Linux - Red Hat responds."
| The most important thing they say is that it's not true that you must
| upgrade to the most recent version to get support, as Elliso 
| claimed in his speech.
| [...]
|  Making Linux more successful in the enterprise is the right goal. But
| not if you kill off what makes Linux desirable, namely ethics. It's the
| value add of FOSS, and if the corporate guys don't figure that out soon,
| they really will kill the Golden Goose. Let me explain in one sentence
| why:
|     Cut throat competition destroys software.
| The Open Source process is built on the the same principles that work
| in any scientific environment. You share knowledge. You cooperate.
| Business always wants to balkanize. They very nearly killed Unix
| doing exactly that. And here they go with Linux, trying the same
| stupid thing. 


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