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Re: ms sends ff team a cake

Oliver Wong came up with this when s/he headbutted the keyboard a moment ago
in comp.os.linux.advocacy:

> "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
> news:105654504.bRWbbbvrSU@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> __/ [ chrisv ] on Thursday 26 October 2006 19:56 \__
>>> ed wrote:
>>> Looks like one of those crappy store-bought cakes.
>> I haven't a clue what they'll do with the cake, but here's a modest 
>> proposal.
>> http://www.zpub.com/un/bill/pie.html
>     It seems unnescessarily mean to take the gift the IE team delivered
> throw it into Bill Gate's face

It would make a popular video...

> (who may not even have had anything to do  
> with the decision to send the cake in the first place).

Of course, he didn't know anything about it, he was busy getting his arse
chewed by SJ. (Yes, I finally sat down and watched that movie!)

>     Anyway, it says in the comments that they ate the cake. And that they 
> found it to be delicious.

Some famous explorer was interred in a barrel of rum, which the crew then
left in the hold during the nineteen week journey back to port. As a
celebration of returning home, they drank the rum, decomposing body and
all, and found it to be "musty, yet delicious".

>     - Oliver

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