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Re: More Void Promises from Gates

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> Phil Da Lick! wrote:
>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> > The End of Auto Accidents?
>> >
>> > ,----[ Quote ]
>> > | According to Bill Gates, there will be no more car
>> > | accidents within 10 years. This is a direct statement
>> > | from the software giant himself.
>> > `----
>> >
>> > http://internetbusinessdaily.net/?p=29
>> "...by having software that can take over whenever a driver makes a
>> mistake..."
>> Fuck me! His crappy software can't even keep script kiddies out. They
>> can't even release an OS after five years without shitloads of issues
>> with it. And they want to put their software in control of cars? It'll
>> be messy...
> What's more scary is that Microsoft has some sort of contract that lets
> it cover all the Foruma 1 cars. Recently, the idea of software which
> takes care of hijacked cockpits was proposed and implemented. What when
> the software gets hijacked and then lets some script kiddie crash
> planes? The mind boggles... can you trust software more than humans? I
> gets it depends /what/ software.
> Best wishes,
> Roy

'... this is your software speaking, You do not appear to have an anti
hijacker enabled please download one now. We are currently flying at 30,000
feet. Would passengers please refrain from, there are unused passengers in
the cabin would you like to move these to the cargo bay?,  closing the
door, MS likes it open. Passengers please note that they should avoid the
ham and pickle sandwiches due to the bugs in them. We are now coming in to
land in NYC, 1000ft, there is a windows undate available , 500ft,
installing update, 200ft, windows needs to restart. Under carriage down,
oh, too late.'

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