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[News] Installation in Linux FAR Easier Than in Vista

  • Subject: [News] Installation in Linux FAR Easier Than in Vista
  • From: "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: 25 Oct 2006 23:20:54 -0700
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Yesterday I posted the following:

Free Agent: How to Compile Free Software Apps

,----[ Quote ]
| Let me start with a controversial statement: Installing
| new software is almost always easier on Linux than on
| Windows or the Mac OS.
| I can already envision the angry e-mail. It'll come from
| the folks who write each month, certain that if they use
| enough capital letters and exclamation points, they'll
| convince me that LINUX SUCKS!!!
| But I'll say it again: Installing new software is, in
| most cases, easier under Linux than under other
| operating systems. I've touched on the simple reason
| why many times in this column. On most Linux systems,
| an app called the package manager takes care of
| software installation and removal.


Here is an article that suggests it gets even worse in Windows Vista:

Web developers: Microsoft has no idea what's going on

This is just one of the endless confirmation dialogs
Microsoft has added in the name of security. Here, the
language doesn't even make sense: No, a "website"
doesn't "want" to "open web content," I clicked View
Source! And the dialog box defaults to not letting me
do what I want. So you can't even trust Vista to do what you tell it to

But the most painful experience yet has been
installing Microsoft Script Debugger, an ancient
artifact used to debug JavaScript in IE. After finding
the link on Microsoft's web site, it takes a stunning
35 clicks through nearly as many dialog boxes just to
get the thing installed. (Keep reading for videos and
an explanation.)

Installing Microsoft Script Debugger in Windows Vista,
10 MB

,----[ Quote ]
| First I have to make sure my copy of Windows is
| "genuine," which involves installing an ActiveX
| component (yuck!) or downloading and running a 1.35
| MB program that takes 15 seconds to load and forces
| me to copy and paste a code into a tiny text field. Once
| I'm past the validation step, I click to download and
| run the Script Debugger installer, which leads me
| through six confirmation dialogs before actually
| starting the installation.
| Except the files can't be copied! More cryptic
| dialogs appear. I click Retry several times to no
| avail, then finally give up and click Cancel. (Which
| I'm asked to confirm, of course.) After saying yes,
| I'm sure I want to cancel the installation that doesn't
| work, another dialog pops up blaming me for the failed
| installation: "INF Install failure. Reason: The
| operation was cancelled by the user."
| So I decide to actually read the instructions on the
| page that loaded after my download began. The
| instructions say that clicking "Run" instead of
| "Save" should be fine. Whatever, I'll try saving the
| installer to disk anyway, because I really need this
| debugger. Ten confirmation dialogs later, the Microsoft
| Script Debugger installer finally starts copying files
| to my hard drive.


There is also a video that shows this.

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