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Re: [News] EU Identifies 4 Anticompetitive Aspects in Windows Vista

Mark Kent wrote:
> begin  oe_protect.scr 
> Ian Hilliard <nospam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
>> BearItAll wrote:
>>> More bleeding flashing popups, how do the MS users get through a day
>>> without some stress therapy? Then she says MS intended that the user
>>> wouldn't be able to switch them off, so if they had chosen a security
>>> product from anyone not MS or not reccomended by MS, the pop ups would
>>> carry on day after day year after year.
>>> I presume that means that if MS users choose Symantec or MsAfee the popups
>>> will harrass them to an early grave for being so insolent. Use Firefox as
>>> a browser and perhaps MS will pop up 1/2 a dozen yellow windows
>>> proclaiming you a bastard for not using IE7.
>>> I wonder what the penalty is then for attaching to a Linux fileserver?
>> Probably a visit from the BSA.
> No-one expects the BSA.  It's our greatest weapon... Yes, surprise is
> our greatest weapon.  And the comfy chairs...

I'm not worried about the fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency, almost
fanatical devotion to the Pope, or the nice red uniforms, but that dish
rack scares the shit out of me.

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