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Re: [News] CrunchGear: Oracle Linux to Be Announced Today?

BearItAll wrote:

> It might also be good for Oracle in that it makes their database more
> likely to appear as the database backbone for web application sites.
> Particularly when compared with the horrible MSSQL2005 (what a pile
> of pants that one is).

More reflexive anti-MS ignorance.  SQL Server 2005 is a very good product. 
While the engine itself isn't in a league with Oracle, the included admin 
and analysis and reporting tools are much better than anything the 
competition has produced.

> The other side, Oracle for small databases or personal use, I can't
> see that really. It is just too big for most people to handle.

There's a 10g Express Edition that's free and easy to download and install 
and work with  (of course it's easy to install and work with - I use 
Windows.  I don't know about the LInux version).

SQL Server 2005 Express also free and easy to work with.

> I hope this move is successfull for Oracle, I have had a few fights
> with Oracle over the years, I still walk with a limp when it's chilly
> out, but I'll always be first to praise their product, because it
> really is the best database engine you would ever come across.
> I know I should have said IMHO, but blow that, I don't mind risking
> my neck for this one because I am sure it would be safe.

I think you're right, unreservedly.  It's an awesome db server.

In '99 I used to "argue" with an Oracle DBA about Access vs Oracle (whenever 
I would find some tiny thing Access would do better than Oracle - and there 
were a few).  I knew it wasn't a comparison, of course, but it was fun to 
rag on him.  When I started getting into some Oracle DBA activities myself, 
I realized the enormous power and sophistication of the system.

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