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Re: [News] CrunchGear: Oracle Linux to Be Announced Today?

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> Oracle Linux: Finally Introduced Tomorrow?
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | This isn't strictly gadget news, but it's big
> | nonetheless. Larry Ellison, holder of the only Silicon
> | Valley ego larger than Mr. Jobs at Apple, is set to
> | drop Oracle's Linux bomb on the Earth tomorrow at the
> | Oracle OpenWorld in San Fancisco.
> `----
> http://crunchgear.com/2006/10/24/oracle-linux-finally-introduced-tomorrow/
> The Techcrunch crew (Michael Arrington) usually gets the inside
> 'scoop'.
> Also see:
> Application Security, Inc. extends product support
> for Oracle on Linux
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | Application Security, Inc. today announced Oracle on
> | Linux support in AppRadar -- the industry's most
> | comprehensive database activity monitoring
> | and security auditing solution.
> `----
> http://www.net-security.org/secworld.php?id=4326

I wouldn't say that Oracle coming properly into the Linux army is quite like
the 5th cavelry joining our ranks. But is still a very big addition to our

Why Ubuntu over Suse or Redhat I don't really know, but Ubuntu is currently
one of the leading edge Linux distros so there isn't a need to grumble at
their choice. I think it is also significant that the choice is a Debian
based package, maybe that was a deciding factor, go for Debian because of
it's excellent history, but with built in extras to entice the users/admin.
In that case, a good choice.

What ever anyone might think of Oracle and their leader, Oracle itself is
still a kick-ass database engine in use in many many major databases around
the world. This move means that their mainframes can gradually be moved
over to Linux, so reducing the costs for those companies whilst maintaining
the powerfull features of the mainframes and comms racks.

It might also be good for Oracle in that it makes their database more likely
to appear as the database backbone for web application sites. Particularly
when compared with the horrible MSSQL2005 (what a pile of pants that one
is). The power of Oracle on your web site, not something to be turned down
really is it.

The other side, Oracle for small databases or personal use, I can't see that
really. It is just too big for most people to handle. Like asking Marvin
the paranoid robot with a brain the size of a planet to make the tea. 

I hope this move is successfull for Oracle, I have had a few fights with
Oracle over the years, I still walk with a limp when it's chilly out, but
I'll always be first to praise their product, because it really is the best
database engine you would ever come across. 

I know I should have said IMHO, but blow that, I don't mind risking my neck
for this one because I am sure it would be safe.

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