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[News] Beagle's Competitor a Pig Rather Than a Dog?

  • Subject: [News] Beagle's Competitor a Pig Rather Than a Dog?
  • From: "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: 24 Oct 2006 12:23:05 -0700
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It's rather interesting that Beagle is a dog, much like this talking
dog that's the residue of Bob (ME's grand grandpa). The subject line
does not refer to an O/S, but rather to the photo in the article.

Desktop search is rotten in Vista

,----[ Quote ]
| Ever since I installed Vista, Windows desktop search
| hasn't worked very well. My normal laser-guided ability
| to hone in on any information on my computer at the
| drop of my boss's hat has been mamed. I'm hobbling
| round like a war veteran who still has a stump of a
| mouse-clicking hand but prefers to type with his nose.
| [...]
| The promise of Vista is that desktop search is
| beautifully simple and integrated into the OS. After
| all, it's what we got after Microsoft skittled
| the over-ambitious WinFS plan. It should have been so
| easy... one tap of the Windows key, start typing,
| get results.
| It's not. It sucks.
| [...]
| Based on search performance alone, Vista is nowhere near
| ready for release.
| [...]
| XP... I didn't know how much I loved thee until I lost thee.


If it's all about comparisons, why not consider GNUgle Desktop as well?
Privacy issues aside, it is excellent. On the OS side, Beagle is only
one among several Open Source file indexers. Open Source, once again,
is the winner.

I used that Sherock tool in the past, but I haven't experience with
Apple's latest. Perhaps the pig could get an Apple (substance) in its
mouth now that it got some glossy lipstick (Aero Glass).

Novell's SLED menu for GNOME has been made available for other
distribution to embrace (it already exists in Ubuntu's repositories).
It neatly incorporates search, having taken some lessons. Novell
conducted some usability research. There is also the new KDE menu,
which is contributed by SUSE, I suspect.

KDE 4 menu development


Kickoff Start Menu Research - Sneak Preview


Linux stays a step ahead of its rivals with innovation, performance,
and cost to brag about.

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