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Re: PS3 and Linux

begin  oe_protect.scr 
Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
> __/ [ B Gruff ] on Sunday 22 October 2006 23:48 \__
>> On Sunday 22 October 2006 23:08 Roy Culley wrote:
>>> begin  risky.vbs
>>> <4q24vrFlb4f5U1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
>>> B Gruff <bbgruff@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>>>> - or perhaps that should be "Linux and PS3"?
>>>> "A simple installer enables absolutely anyone to install without
>>>> instruction. Post-install, the default suite of applications
>>>> presents an intuitive, self-guided means of exploring Linux without
>>>> the confusion of multiple applications in the same family. An
>>>> Advanced installer mode enables selection from greater than fifteen
>>>> hundred packages, as is expected from a complete Linux distribution"
>>>> http://www.terrasoftsolutions.com/news/2006/2006-10-17.shtml
>>> Wow, this is really great news for Linux. The PS3 will be a big seller
>>> for sure and exposing all those people to an advanced, easy to use OS
>>> such as Linux without all the vulnerabilities and 'bitrot' associated
>>> with Windows will have a huge affect on Linux home use adoption.
>> Yes - you are catching on:-)
>> What will they sell?  50 million?  100 million?
> No, conservative estimates would say tens of millions, but it's still a large
> portion. *smile* [Sorry, Roy, I stick with those verbal emotional emoticons.
> Keeps me safe from Microsoft's emoticons patent.]

I think that if this is successful, it'll be /really/ successful.
I think we might just be looking at the "desktop killer" here.  Bear in
mind that it's a dvd player, cd player, games console, home computer
and probably makes the tea, too.

>> All Linux-capable, Linux-ready, and able to be turned into the world's
>> fastest Personal Computers at the click of a botton?
>> - and the younger generation "learning linux" from pre-school age?
> Sooner or later they'll have back-yard fights with the school bully. The
> bully likes KDE while little Jason prefers Enlightenment. Mom and dad like
> GNOME, but they love Jason irrespective of his DE preferences.

My kids have been learning linux & dos from pre-school.  They're not
remotely frightened by CLIs or linux machines.  They can work windows
machines, macs, whatever.

>> Remember those days when the kids used to load games into mum-and-dad's
>> Windows computers?  Well, mum and dad are going to be able to turn that
>> around a little!
>> So PS3 is expensive, more so than the XBox?  - but what if you get a free
>> supercomputer with it for little or no extra cost.....?:-)
> I can envision the two generation fighting over a so-called gaming console.
> Mom needs to modify her CV in OpenOffice, but little Jason wants to play
> Wolfenstein.

I suspect it will not be so expensive that a second one can be
considered, if it's not too unattractive.

| Mark Kent   --   mark at ellandroad dot demon dot co dot uk  |
Save yourself from the 'Gates' of hell, use Linux."  -- like that one.
	-- The_Kind @ LinuxNet

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