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[News] Proprietary Software is Bland Because...

A Day in the Life of a Vista Developer

,----[ Quote ]
| Money Only Goes So Far. The PICs (people in charge) are still
| operating in "la-la-land" and appear to be oblivious to the needs
| of their developers. It's not just about money for your employees,
| Microsoft. It's about listening to and in some cases, incorporating
| the ideas of your best and brightest into upcoming beta concepts.
| Even if you are still convinced about the software industry in the
| next five to ten years, the very least you can do is look at what
| companies, such as Google, are doing to incorporate theses types
| of ideas into new and upcoming projects.
| If your answer is that this is already taking place, then
| Microsoft, perhaps you are falling short in the motivation
| department. To be honest, I think the past few years in the
| Windows department speak for themselves.



,----[ Quote ]
| The open source world is huge and diverse. If the ideas you push out are
| any good, there will be an interested and appreciative audience.
| The costs are small, and there are business benefits - for example, ideas
| exposed to others often come back in genuinely useful form. Most
| importantly, however, making open source contribution a regular part of
| your way of doing business will motivate people to come to work every
| morning, to do your recruitment for you, and eventually to become
| increasingly responsive to the business and user issues driving your
| own decision making.


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