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[News] With Vista in Sight, People Seek Linux

With Vista in sight, people are finally waking up

,----[ Quote ]
| ...It would definitely be a better option than breaking MS's
| license, considering that you do have an alternative option
| and you probably even know it's name: GNU/Linux.
| [...]
| Of course, thanks to GNU/Linux we are not forced to buy,
| and so if we do not agree to unfair terms under which this
| piece of software is being sold, we don't have to buy it.
| [...]
| Of course, Mac is also a superior option to Microsoft if you
| are only considering technical measures and the user experience.
| However, unfortunately, it is not an OS that offers alot more
| freedom than Microsoft does. If you want to truly cut the
| chase with unfair restrictions and DRM, your only choice is
| Free Software and GNU/Linux. Funny (but cool) thing though,
| under that name there is a whole sea of choices, because
| that is what freedom makes, diversity, innovation and user
| control rather than monopoly, stagnation and top down
| central control.
| Maybe the recent moves by Microsoft will motivate you as
| well to finally make the leap to freedom, and take control!


A blog whose author does not speak English at mother's tongue level. The
points seem valid nonetheless. EULA controversies have brought Linux to many
people's attention. Free publicity.

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