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Re: [News] With Vista in Sight, People Seek Linux

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> With Vista in sight, people are finally waking up
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | ...It would definitely be a better option than breaking MS's
> | license, considering that you do have an alternative option
> | and you probably even know it's name: GNU/Linux.
> | 
> | [...]
> | 
> | Of course, thanks to GNU/Linux we are not forced to buy,
> | and so if we do not agree to unfair terms under which this
> | piece of software is being sold, we don't have to buy it.
> | 
> | [...]
> | 
> | Of course, Mac is also a superior option to Microsoft if you
> | are only considering technical measures and the user experience.
> | However, unfortunately, it is not an OS that offers alot more
> | freedom than Microsoft does. If you want to truly cut the
> | chase with unfair restrictions and DRM, your only choice is
> | Free Software and GNU/Linux. Funny (but cool) thing though,
> | under that name there is a whole sea of choices, because
> | that is what freedom makes, diversity, innovation and user
> | control rather than monopoly, stagnation and top down
> | central control.
> | 
> | Maybe the recent moves by Microsoft will motivate you as
> | well to finally make the leap to freedom, and take control!
> `----
> http://www.libervis.com/with_vista_in_sight_people_are_finally_waking_up
> A blog whose author does not speak English at mother's tongue level. The
> points seem valid nonetheless. EULA controversies have brought Linux to
> many people's attention. Free publicity.

I would say that this company I work at is fairly typical in their use of
PCs. Most of the users use basic MS Office features and a terminal
emmulator (for the UNIX system database). Little else is needed throughout
the company. Though as I tend to write most of the extras I have them on a
MySQL backend with MS apps as little more than a view on the data.

Over the years I have had some users willing to try Linux, some stayed with
it others slipped back. The problem wasn't really Linux for those that went
back as far as I could see, each of those I moved could do everything they
could do on the MS machines, basic office, emails and a much better link to
the UNIX than they had through the XP emmulator. The trouble was that I had
to give them the choice of MS Win or Linux and couldn't stop them if they
chose to go back.

I have been talking to the directors about my worry over Vista, it is a
serious worry too, I have no faith at all in it's ability to keep
worms/trojens etc out of my network. Plus it would cost this company a
great deal of money. We don't have the huge numbers of PC users that many
companies have, but if we had to buy Vista for each machine (ignoring
possible machine upgrades to run it) we are talking around 35-40 thousand
pounds. Then add to that that we are being told that MS Office software
will very likely have to be upgraded to run on it. 

This is all serious business for us as a mid-sized company, how bigger
companies will cope I just can't imagine.

So I have put a much more serious discussion plan out for moving as many as
possible of our users over to Linux, this time without the choice of going

For the distros I concidered SLED10 and Linspire (some of you might have
seen me sing Linspire's praises in this group before). SLED10 wins really,
though I am tempted to allow Linspire for the traveling sales reps, mainly
because of the entertainment side (hotels are the most boring places in the

We have to discuss deployment yet, but I am at the moment torn between
converting entire company sections such as accounts, sales, export and so
on. Or, selecting a few from each, concentrating firstly on the majority
who only use basic office.

All in all there is a lot of work to do for this, but imagine what it would
feel like that day when you have converted the last MS machine, everyone
has been taught how to use their Linux applications and you sit back in
your chair knowing that you are at last free of MS. Your machines are all
much much easier to take care of. The company is now safe.

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