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Re: no green light for vista

  • Subject: Re: no green light for vista
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2006 01:34:23 +0100
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Organization: schestowitz.com / ISBE, Manchester University / ITS / Netscape / MCC
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__/ [ Jimserac ] on Sunday 15 October 2006 15:31 \__

> Doug Mentohl wrote:
>> "The Commission has not given a "green light" to Microsoft to deliver
>> Vista because, as the Commission has consistently stated, Microsoft must
>> shoulder its own responsibilities to ensure that Vista is fully compliant
>> with EC Treaty competition rules"
>> http://tinyurl.com/yyzsqm
> The era in which everyone kneels down, raises their hands
> in supplication, and accepts whatever Microsoft decides to deliver
> is over.
> The EU, to its great credit, has refused to lie down and accept
> Microsoft's defacto manipulations, monopolizations, privacy invasions,
> failure to document open word formats, failure to provide a secure
> filesystem(you don't think that one Vista provides will not have some
> sort of backdoor, eh??)  and, most seriously, failure to adequately
> admit and rectify security breaches in their software in a timely
> manner.   This does not even mention the questionable issue of allowing
> the same company that produces an operating system to also provide a
> suite of office products - historians will not look kindly on this.
> We see in this moment the historical opportunity to stop Microsoft dead
> in its tracks
> and once and for all put a halt to its obstruction to computer
> innovation and development.   The method to stop Microsoft is simple -
> The alternatives are well known and obvious - Linux now provides a
> totally viable alternative.    The changeover can be done gradually and
> as each group becomes comfortable with their new freedoms in their
> computer experience.
> With the long news announcements of the comming of VISTA, we saw the
> same old vaporware tricks - long  mentions of a new Windows File System
> which, it turns out, is not ready and won't be in the forseeable
> future.  This is sort of like that hilarious "hydrogen automobile" of
> the future that the oil dominated motor car companies keep mentioning
> but which will also most certainly not be available in the forseeable
> future, not even in 2011 as Lutz of GM promises and just like the
> vaporware "Picture Phone" that AT&T promised people for 30 yerars and
> which never was.
> Again, everyone who has not done so, please try out Linux, learn and
> implement, and free yourselves from Microsoft proprietary components.
> (You Linux users probably also want to kill the Microsoft components
> that seem to have been placed in many distros - have you noticed that
> in Suse 10.1, the disk performance is a lot better and the incessant
> disk thrashing stops once you remove mono, beagle and zen?).
> THIS is a wonderful chance to free ourselves from Microsoft, their
> policies of hoarding software information, their policies of refusing
> to admit security vulnerablities until someone publishes them, their
> policies of providing information at first only to those who have
> joined special groups or purchased expensive contracts and so forth.
> Once you have freed yourselves from Microsoft software, you will
> discover a whole new world of things to try and implement, most of them
> free.  It will require more intelligence and perhaps some
> experimentation than blindly installing prebuilt parts and components
> but it is well worth the price to gain control over everything that you
> do.
> Many companies, particularly IT departments, will fanatically oppose
> the introduction of Linux based systems and bring forth all sorts of
> old ideas, often referring to the Linuxes of 6 or 7 years ago and
> whinning that they could not support a new operating system, but, what
> the heck, they can't support the Microsoft one that they have now
> precisely because there is always some new update, some new security
> issue, or some messed up server administrator permission that is
> impacting people in some department anyway.
> Again, it cannot be reiterated more strongly - NOW IS THE TIME TO
> For those companies that do this, and many already have, only a few
> short years down the road you will be computing along, servicing the
> needs of your business and enjoying an IT budget dramatically lower
> than your competitors who remained with Microsoft.  Those who remain
> with Microsoft will be involved in endless time and expense upgrading,
> fixing, installing patches and enjoying LESS security than their Linux
> counterparts - this is the nature of things at Microsoft just as
> building energy inefficent crap cars is the way of things at Ford and
> it is not going to change irrespective of any bullshit that yuppie
> descendants of the founder choose to mention.
> Jimserac
> (former Windows software developer)
> James Pannozzi

What's worth mentioning is that Microsoft was 'kind' enough to herald to the
world that Korea and Europe accept its 'gift'. The article from Doug was a
followup to that deceiving statement that Microsoft had issued. Wishful

Best wishes,


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