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[News] Problems with Microsoft's Soapbox, Which is "Disappointing"

Microsoft Soapbox is no threat to YouTube, yet

,----[ Quote ]
| The soapbox page rarely scrolls, so using Soapbox feels more like using a 
| PC application than a typical Web site. But, in the beta anyway, the 
| browser's back button doesn't work -- it takes you back to the last site 
| you were on, and loses your place on the Soapbox site.
| I found nothing in the Soapbox product itself to propel it past other
| video sharing sites. It will live or die based on its content and its
| community. Microsoft will have to turn people on its successful blogging
| network, Windows Live Spaces, into Soapbox users. That could make a
| difference, but the site's features won't.
| In sum, Soapbox is disappointing. It's a slightly better sharing service
| than YouTube in some small technical ways, but it doesn't help users make
| money from their content like Revver does; it doesn't have granular
| privacy controls like Vox; it won't post directly into blogs for you like
| VideoEgg; and it won't show videos from other networks like Yahoo Video.
| Given Microsoft's position in the video sharing market (dead last), I
| expected a more aggressive product.


In a nutshell: no innovatition, design mistakes, bugs, and prospects only lie
in the extension of the monopoly (i.e. 'channelling' existing Web and
desktop users onto service that get them locked in).

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