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Re: [News] Microsoft Faces Class Action Lawsuits in Iowa

__/ [ Mark Kent ] on Wednesday 13 September 2006 18:45 \__

> begin  oe_protect.scr
> Geico Caveman <spam@xxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>> | Half the money must be used for software and the other half for
>>> | hardware and other services including curriculum development, training
>>> | and supplemental services for school administrators.
>>> `----
>>> "Half the money MUST be used for software", i.e. forget about OSS and
>>> Linux.
>> Hardly. They could buy a bunch of Matlab,Mathematica,Oracle, etc. licenses
>> to run on their Linux machines. The statement above just says it must be
>> spent on some software. Not which software.
> They could, but would they have done so?  However you look at this, the
> restriction is quite pointless, although I'll wager that MS used the
> excuse that if half wasn't on software, then it would be "piracy" or
> some such nonsense.  This whole thing merely dances to the MS tune.

Microsoft has for many been perceived as the 'Big Poppa' that is
representative of the closed-source ideaology. Never mind that fact that the
same company was also the devil that killsedits partners and its own
creations, e.g. Symantec in Vista, Netscape in Windows 95, etc.

Microsoft yet again encourages retaining the value of software, preventing
the penetration of Free software. It's free-fixing, where the price is high.
Isn't that why Microsoft leaked 2 billion dollars for Sun to threaten or
altogether eliminate the "Linux Threat"?

Best wishes,


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