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Re: Linux Does to Microsoft What IE Did (Illegally) to Netscape

On Fri, 20 Apr 2007 16:31:10 -0400, amicus_curious wrote:

> A commercial user
> might be persuaded to change for a couple of reasons, the best reason
> being that the new environment provides some valuable function that the
> old does not provide and will not add in an acceptable timeframe.

Yes.  This is an important point that bears on the dynamics of Windows 
vs. Linux.  The Vista release has met with a skeptical response in the 
business community.  CIOs have largely concluded that Vista is a costly 
upgrade that provides few benefits.  Most will simply stick with XP and 
postpone big decisions for the time being.  But others are asking 
themselves "Might it not be better to consider a new platform, in which 
we will have to invest heavily up front, so we can avoid the cost of 
future licensing fees that don't bring better productivity or otherwise 
add value to our organization?"  Some are looking at Linux thin clients 
and Google's webtop applications.  Others are considering a partial 
deployment of Linux, reserving Windows licenses for the relatively small 
number of people who need the full feature set of Excel or other MS 
Office applications.

The composition of the desktop OS market is unlikely to change radically 
over a short time frame.  But the complacency of those who argue that 
Microsoft has a permanent lock on the desktop, that the problems with 
Vista are no different from what has gone on with previous OS releases, 
is wearing thin.  A revolution is slowly brewing.


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