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Re: Dell Better Hurry Up

__/ [ John Bailo ] on Wednesday 25 April 2007 23:10 \__

> AAPL just realeased sales figures and Mac sales are up -- way up!
> Most likely people had been waiting around to see what Vista looked like.
> They came, they saw -- they went...to the iStore!


Apple's Mac sales rock-steady in Q1 despite Vista launch

,----[ Quote ]
| Apple Inc. had little to quarrel about with the latest figures from
| Gartner, which showed the Mac maker standing firm against a tidal
| wave of Windows PC sales triggered by Vista. For the first quarter
| of 2007, Mac unit shipments were up some 30 percent.
|          ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^



Red Hat might be Dell's choice.

Are Dell and Red Hat Discussing a Desktop Linux Deal?

,----[ Quote ]
| Michael Dell himself is running Ubuntu Linux at home--in addition
| to three Windows-based PCs. So there's growing speculation that Dell
| will offer Ubuntu on selected systems. If it's good enough for Michael, 
| it's good enough for the rest of us--right?
| But wait. Hold everything. Now, sources close to Red Hat tell me the
| company could have some desktop-related news to share in a few weeks
| or by the summer at the latest.


Their sales rose a whopping 41% a month ago.

Red Hat Sees Green

,----[ Quote ]
| The Linux operating system that Red Hat's business is built around is
| free to share and distribute. But while it's easy to become an
| open-source distributor, it's more difficult to become expert
| enough with the stuff to make a living supporting it. Take Red
| Hat rival Novell. The Waltham, Mass.-based software company has
| struggled since moving into the open-source software business
| and positioning itself as an alternative to Red Hat, with its
| shares falling more than 35%, to $7.18 from $11.38, over the
| past three years.


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