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Re: re-code MS applications for OS/2 ..

__/ [ Doug Mentohl ] on Monday 23 April 2007 15:47 \__

> Date: 21 Dec 1989 9:26 est

> Via: vax
> To: iwold; coconner, cyoung, emcnierney, bbriggh, bfrankston
> Subject: (Forwarded) Microsoft Briefing
> [...]

> Microsoft's Applications
> Microsoft's own view is that the world will divide into Windows
> applications and pure 32 bit OS/2 applications. UNIX will never be a

> viable platform for volume packaged software because of a lack of a
> binary standard distributed as a packaged product. Microsoft will use
> the porthole facility to get its applications to PM, except for Excel,
> which has been ported natively. It will then re-code all its
> applications for the 32 bit version of OS/2.
> http://edge-op.org/iowa/www.iowaconsumercase.org/011607/5000/PX05082.pdf

To all those who argue that Microsoft brought innovation and never held back
welcomed technological development. A monopolised market is a stale one.
Control the level of progress and eliminate any possible attempt to make
progress. They killed Web applications in the mid 90s and we are lucky to
have companies like Google and projects like Firefox which went under the MS
'destruction radar' and brought what Microsoft feared for a decade. Remember
the fact that IE6 was intentionally made unattractive and never developed
further. It got its monopoly through prebundling and lockins (proprietary
extensions like ActiveX, weird CSS support).

                ~~ With kind regards

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