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Re: [News] RMS Versus Proprietary Software and Junk Patents

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> Stallman: Free software is matter of good vs. evil
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | "I'm neither for nor against selling copies of software," he said.

Yeah, let's go and try to find a fool who will buy some free 
!Proprietary (read: FSF blessed Guh-NÜ-sense et al like not for 
royalties) software without hooks akin to Red Hat's like freedom 
to be audited. Naked copies (aka material objects under 17 US 109) 
alone aside for a moment. BTW, can someone send me a copy ready 
for installation of Red Hat's * (whatever relatively new) Linux? 
TIA. (Warning: beware of Red Hat's legal beagles.)

> | "The question of money is secondary. 

As long as RMS and the gang has enough of donations and/or what 
not (that what the gang makes the living from).

>                                        There is no conflict between
> | free software and capitalism."

"I tend toward the left-wing anarchist idea", and to LinuxWorld Today 
he said "I am a sort of combination between a liberal and a leftist 
anarchist." Yeah right, no conflict at all. 

(Law.com - Meet the DotCommunist)

Uh morons.


"Get off our mailing lists, Richard.  Yesterday you said you would, so
keep your word for once.  Away, Satan."

		-- Theo de Raadt on tech@xxxxxxxxxxx, 11-Feb-2000

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