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[News] Linux and Cloud Computing, Vists as a 'Heavy' O/S

  • Subject: [News] Linux and Cloud Computing, Vists as a 'Heavy' O/S
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2007 05:58:39 +0000
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Organization: Netscape / schestowitz.com
  • User-agent: KNode/0.10.4
The OS: Fat or thin?

,----[ Quote ]
| Future of IT: Cloud computing heralds winds of change, but heavy-duty OSes 
| hold their ground 
| [...]
| Last year, when all the analysts were still heady about the release of 
| Microsoft Vista, some predicted that it would be the last desktop operating 
| system that Microsoft would ever release.  



Microsoft's Big Problem in a Small Box

,----[ Quote ]
| Vista is a big operating system that demands monster graphics and dual-core 
| processors. But what if the market pines for a whole lot less?  
| [...]
| The mass move to mobile computing is a destabilizing force and harbinger of 
| change. Microsoft's position would be better if Vista didn't demand so much 
| when the market wants so little.  


Linux is about to take over the low end of PCs

,----[ Quote ]
| Opinion -- Sometimes, several unrelated changes come to a head at the same 
| time, with a result no one could have predicted. The PC market is at such a 
| tipping point right now and the result will be millions of Linux-powered PCs 
| in users' hands.   
| [...]
| Microsoft will fight this trend tooth and nail. It will cut prices to the 
| point where it'll be bleeding ink on some of its product lines. And Windows 
| XP is going to stick around much longer than Microsoft ever wanted it to. 
| Still, it won't be enough. By attacking from the bottom, where Microsoft can 
| no longer successfully compete, Linux will finally cut itself a large slice 
| of the desktop market pie.      


Where does Linux go from here?

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux and free software are here to stay. No single commercial firm will ever 
| control the Linux ecosystem like Microsoft has the rest of the software 
| industry. Though both may prosper, the bazaar will outlive the boardrooms, 
| and Linux popularity will continue to grow on servers, desktops, appliances, 
| and embedded devices.    


This time for sure on mobile Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| The Wal-Mart Linux PC, priced at $198, is sold out. Zonbu seems to be gaining 
| traction, with a notebook priced at $279. 
| “You’re seeing incredibly improved device drivers. We’ve got hundreds now. 
| This is a phenomenal effort that plays to the strength of Linux, a volunteer 
| community representing millions of dollars in free development.  
| “You’re seeing more manufacturers shipping Linux desktops, PCs and laptops 
| but also mobile Internet devices from Acer, Motorola’s Razr, TiVo…there’s a 
| slew of new devices coming out.”  


Microsoft slammed for badmouthing benchmark

,----[ Quote
| They go on to defend the development, version independence and sophistication 
| of their benchmarking software. "OfficeBench scares the hell of out 
| Microsoft." they claim. "For the first time ever the industry has the tools 
| necessary to call the company to the mat for its bloated, CPU cycle-sucking 
| ways."    
| "Microsoft's response? Slam the benchmark! Try to discredit the 
| author/source! And crank-up the FUD machine! Sorry, guys! You can run, but
| you can't hide, from OfficeBench." 


Linux Sees 'Astronomic' Growth in Mobile Devices

,----[ Quote ]
| "We were very aware that the growth in mobile for Linux was huge, but we 
| didn't know it was so astronomic," Amanda McPherson, marketing director for 
| the Linux Foundation, told LinuxInsider. "These are very encouraging 
| numbers." Why Linux has drawn significant support from the community of 
| handset manufacturers can be explained on several fronts, McPherson said.    


Google spending hundreds of millions on mobile

,----[ Quote ]
| Anian, a Reuters company that tracks industry trends for institutional 
| investors, reported last month that Google had engaged Taiwan's High Tech 
| Computer Corpto design a Linux 
| software-based phone for launch in the first quarter of 2008.   


After the Desktop -- What?

,----[ Quote ]
| I would suggest that the open source community should stop obsessing
| with the battle for the desktop, and start focusing on the battle for
| the platform that will replace it. As I have said before, the day
| will soon come when the notion of having to go to a particular 
| machine on a particular room every time you need access to
| information or computer power will be as obsolete as the notion
| of having to go to the hand pump over the well in the front
| yard every time you need water.


Aiming for the Clouds: The Red Hat Q&A

,----[ Quote ]
| Q: To get back to the original question, what is your assessment of the 
| potential impact? 
| A: It’s early, but November’s news was a good indication that innovation 
| amongst economic models and deployment scenarios is still possible. Not to 
| dismiss the importance of some of the new features of RHEL 5.1, but over the 
| longer term I think AOS and the Cloud offering are far more important than 
| mere bells and whistles, because they make Red Hat a competitor in markets 
| where its penetration is currently low. Even if it’s success in those areas, 
| then, is minimal, the news remains very significant.      


Will the biggest clouds stay open source?

,----[ Quote ]
| Everyone wants to become Google these days. In a way.
| Google runs Linux.
| A lot of enterprises, from banking to health care, are now looking to deploy 
| gigantic Internet-facing applications to customer sets numbering in the tens 
| of millions. (Government, too.)  
| The biggest and best IT system suppliers are gearing up for what they 
| call “cloud” computing. IBM floated its offering today.   


Xcerion's Internet Cloud Forms Over Google and Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| If successful, it may be able to further erode the power Microsoft
| derives from control of the desktop, to beat Google at its
| software-as-a-service play, and to make commodity Linux boxes more
| viable as a computing platform for the masses.


IBM's Blue Cloud: The Tipping Point for Enterprise IT as Service

,----[ Quote ]
| IBM's Blue Cloud, arriving in the first half of 2008, will use IBM 
| BladeCenter servers, a Linux operating system, Xen-based virtualization and 
| the company's own Tivoli management software.  


IBM to turn datacenters into 'computing cloud'

,----[ Quote
| IBM is calling the initiative Blue Cloud, and compared its significance to 
| its decision several years ago to throw its weight behind Linux, which helped 
| the open-source OS become more widely accepted by corporations.   


Red Hat Pits Itself Against VMware

,----[ Quote ]
| Red Hat’s new goal is to underpin 50% of the world’s servers by 2015.
| And since virtualization is projected to take over the world by then that’s a 
| lot of Xen virtualization – and there’s no extra cost in it like there is 
| with VMware since it’s bundled with RHEL. (Red Hat’s telling people they’ll 
| save $20,000-$30,000 a server.)    


RHEL just tripled the size of its ISV ecosystem!

,----[ Quote ]
| Through that series of announcements, Red Hat is lining up its complete RHEL 
| strategy and making it clear that it can fit all deployment scenarios - 
| traditional or emerging - through the exact same RHEL bits. That proves the 
| flexibility of RHEL as a distribution and also factually multiplies the size 
| of RHEL’s ecosystem by further enabling all existing RHEL’s ISV on two new 
| emerging scenarios, Virtual Appliances and Cloud Computing. While that might 
| seem like a trivial statement, it is far from the truth. Just look at VMWare 
| for example: while they are getting great traction in the virtualization 
| field, it is going to be very difficult for them to enter the two emerging 
| fields discussed above, as they have a pretty much empty ISV ecosystem today. 
| And you don’t build an ISV ecosystem overnight (you can partner with one or 
| acquire one, but not build one overnight).           


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