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[News] Linux and Producers

Why Big Compute and Big Storage will meet Big Pipe at the Last Mile

,----[ Quote ]
| The next big frontier for Big Linux Build-out will be at a back end that's as 
| close as anyone can get the front lines of big video production. That is, to 
| consumers who are now also producers. And the parties in the best position to 
| pioneer that frontier aren't in Seattle or Mountain view. They're in your 
| home town.    



Linux in Hollywood


Studios Using Linux

,----[ Quote ]
|     * Digital Domain
|     * Disney
|     * Double Negative
|     * DreamWorks Animation
|     * Flash Film Works
|     * Hammerhead
|     * Industrial Light & Magic
|     * Moving Picture Company
|     * Pixar
|     * Rhythm & Hues
|     * Sony Pictures
|     * Tippett
|     * Weta Digital 


,----[ Quote ]
| "Linux is the default operating [system] on desktops and servers at major
| animation and visual effects studios, with maybe 98 percent [or more]
| penetration," CinePaint Project Manager Robin Rowe told LinuxInsider.


New Year 2007 - The year of GNU/Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| There was a time when I used to boot into Windows to carry out
| certain tasks. But for the past many months, I have realized that
| I am able to do all my tasks from within GNU/Linux itself and it
| has been some time now since I have booted into Windows.


Linux in 2006: June is Busting Out All Over

,----[ Quote ]
| I apologize for sounding like a typical lame pundit, but 2006 was the Year
| of Linux. I never said that before--I was waiting until it became true. 


2006: What it All Means for the Penguin

,----[ Quote ]
| 2006 was no exception, but there were some significant milestones
| in acknowledging that yes, Linux and FOSS do exist, and yes, they
| are quite suitable, and even superior, for the enterprise. Of
| course we've known that for years, but getting the word out
| against the tsunamis of propaganda, misinformation, and FUD
| hasn't been easy.


2006: The year the FSF reached out to the community

,----[ Quote ]
| Looking ahead to 2007, Brown sees only more of the same activism for
| the FSF. Both the BadVista and Defective By Design campaigns will
| continue, and he suggests that other campaigns in the coming year
| will probably focus on hardware drivers for GNU/Linux and software
| patents.


2006: The year that changed Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| I've been saying for years that Linux was well along on its way from
| being the tech fanboy operating system of choice, to becoming one of
| big business' favorite operating systems. Well, I was right all along,
| but in 2006, that progress smacked many Linux fans in the face.
| This is my list of the five most significant changes in Linux this
| year. They are not changes, however, that many who have embraced
| Linux in the past will appreciate. Like it or lump it, these are
| the changes that I also think clearly predict Linux's future in
| the mainstream.


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