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Re: Linux bugs unfixed for 10 years

__/ [ VistaJustWorks ] on Friday 09 February 2007 07:18 \__

> I really have to laugh at the Shit Quality of code the LinTurds produce.
> I noticed ten years ago when I first saw the LinTurd OS's graphical
> interface that if a window pops up onto the screen with a button under the
> mouse, you can click all you want on the button, but the click doesn't
> register.
> In order to get the button click to register you have to move the mouse
> away from the button, and then back to it to click.
> Linux is so well written that 10 years later, the very same bug manifests
> itself in the OS.
> Ahahahahahahaahahah... Can't fix such a glaring mistake in over a decade.
> Ahahahahahahahahahah
> That's some quality codebase you ShitLickers have there.
> Ahahahahahahahahahaha
> The other bug I noticed was the lack of detection of a second removable
> drive containing a disk if the disk is present during boot.  With a
> secondary CD or DVD drive, present you have to open the drive tray and
> close it again to get the LinTard OS to recognize that there is a disk
> present, or manually mount the disk.
> Ahahahahahahahaah
> So many LinTard bugs, so little time.......

What are you doing out of the killfile, Scott Nudds?

If from contains substring <BushIsATraitor@xxxxxxxxxxx> then discard
If X-Complaints-To contains substring <news@xxxxxxxxxx> then discard
If Organization contains substring <Cogeco Cable> then discard

Please take your meow war to the Windows advocacy forums.


                        ~~ Best wishes 

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